Join Lakeshore for an exciting workshop series for adult actors, directors, storytellers, and theatre lovers. Whether you are a professional performer or new to the stage, we welcome you to join these Twin Cities Theatre Artists for a three hour workshop at Lakeshore Players Theatre. Discover new techniques, gain valuable insight, and develop pivotal skills. 


Workshops will be held at Lakeshore Players Theatre from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Cost: $35 per workshop or $90 for 3 workshop package



October 20, 2018

An Audition Workshop for Actors, Directors, and folks interested in how theater happens


This engaging, low-stress three-hour workshop explores the dos and don'ts of auditioning -- for actors and directors. Twin Cities actor/director Craig Johnson will guide participants through the casting process: how to select and perform monologues, how to prepare for cold readings, what to wear, what to say, how to behave, how to follow-up, and much more. Actors are welcome to bring in a short monologue or song (no accompanist) to work on. Directors and actors can participate in model audition settings. Those who are just interested in learning more about the theater process are welcome!


November 17, 2018

A personal narrative storytelling experience. 


Personal Narrative Storytelling will guide students in discovering what stories they have, and learning how to better-craft these stories. This class will help anyone who is interested in developing communication and public speaking skills, as well as individuals who want to discover and collect their own stories to share with family, friends and community. Join Twin Cities Actor and Storyteller, Sandra Struthers as she helps to develop your own personal narrative and discover your own story.


December 15, 2018

An Introduction to a Liberating Acting Technique 


Practical Aesthetics is an actor training method developed by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet and award-winning actor William H. Macy, and was originally taught by the multiple Tony Award-winning Atlantic Theater Company. Join Atlantic Theatre Company student Matt Wall to learn how the technique of Practical Aesthetics strives to remove the sense of mysticism attached to the acting process by many popular actor training methods by empowering the actor with a set of simple, repeatable tools that can be utilized in any role, of any style. Through its specific method of scene analysis, and a series of rehearsal and performance techniques, Practical Aesthetics aims to remove the self-consciousness can be the most debilitating aspect of being an actor. 


Craig Johnson is an Ivey Award-winning director, actor, teacher, and writer with over 250 productions credits at many of the Twin Cities theaters, including the Jungle, Latte Da, History Theater, Ten Thousand Things, Park Square, Theatre in the Round, Artistry, Lyric Arts, Yellow Tree, and many others. Regionally he works at Commonweal Theatre (Lanesboro), Paul Bunyan Playhouse (Bemidji), Cedar Summerstock Theater (Osage, Iowa) Many years ago appeared in four shows at Lakeshore Players: Taming of the Shrew, Snow White, The Imaginary Invalid, and Candida! Craig currently teaches at St. Catherine University and directs regularly with the UM/Guthrie BFA Actor Training Program.


Sandra Struthers is a professional actress and teacher. She has worked with at The Guthrie, The Moth Story Hour, Clowns Without Borders, Ten Thousand Things, The History Theatre, Drama Interactions, O'Neill Theater Center, and countless other organizations. She teaches personal narrative storytelling both across the US, and internationally. 


Matt Wall has a degree in Theater from St. Olaf College, and has studied extensively with Atlantic Theater Company in New York and Los Angeles. Matt has acted, directed, and produced theater in New York City and Minnesota, and his playwrighting has been honored by Lake Superior Writers. As a teacher, he's led workshops throughout Minnesota. Twin Cities acting credits include roles with: Yellow Tree Theater, Theatre Pro Rata, Theatre Unbound, Stages, Maggie's Farm, Theatre Novi Most, Artistry, Chameleon Theatre Circle, Park Square, and History Theatre.