15th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival WINNERS:


By Katharine Miller

Directed by Franklin Heller

Assistant Director - Elizabeth Olson


By David L. Williams

Directed by Katie Willer

The Stand

By Caity-Shea Violette

Directed by James Zappa

Bruno Saw The Doctor

By Cary Pepper

Directed by Doug Dally

The Mysterious Tomb of Dr. Barrington (And Assistant)

By Alex Moon

Directed by Brian Sherman

The New Meteorologist

By Laurie Allen

Directed by Laurie Swigart


By L. Robert Westeen

Directed by Stefanie Fauth

Help! Not Just Anybody

By Leslie C. Lewis

Directed by Megan Lembke


By Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by Gorden Hedahl

Like Crazy

By Robert Lynn

Directed by Alan Cloud